“Rodeo embodies the frontier spirit as manifested

through the aggressive and exploitative conquest of

the West, and deals with...the reordering of nature

according to the dictates of this ethos. It supports

the value of subjugating nature, and reenacts the

'taming' process whereby the wild is brought under

control"     Lawrence.

“Rodeo cowboys usually keep goin' until they're

crippled-injured by animals-run out of money for entry

fees and traveling expenses, quit or get killed in the

arena. The camaraderie among them is unlike any other

sport.”     Chris LeDou


I first attended a rodeo when I moved west….far west and found the events, people and landscape amazing. I have continued to attend Rodeos over the years, looking and trying to understand a little about them and the spirit encompassed in them. Somehow it is the the space around the Rodeo not the specific events that seems to define it…the quiet and absurd moments that we call everyday life